Our services:

G & G Services

• Detailed 2D/3D structural interpretation

• Petrophysics

• Geological Modeling

• Reservoir characterization

• Reservoir simulations & Management

• Geological interpretation and well data analysis

• Seismic stratigraphic inversion

• Economics

• Reserves certification etc.

• EOR / IOR Studiess

• FDP etc.

Marketing and Sales on behalf of overseas Principals

Outsourcing highly experienced Geophysicists, Geologists, Petrophysicists and Reservoir Engineers .

Conduct Professional Training Courses – Public & Tailor made

Empanelled with ONGC, OIL, GAIL etc..

Software Products:

• TightFlow on Unconventional Resources

• TemisFlow on Multi-Dimensional Basin Modeling

• Cobraflow on Geostatistics and upscaling

• CougarFlow on Uncertainties Management and Assisted History Matching Solution

• Dionisos on Modeling sedimentary processes for developing high resolution stratigraphic models

• Easytrace on Log data editing, processing and workflows

• Fracaflow on Fractured Reservoirs Characterization and Modelings

• OpenFlow Suite on Complete Suite for Assessment of Petroleum Systems and Reservoirs

Trading of Land Drilling & Work Over Rigs, Drilling spares, Casing, Seamless Pipes, Gate and Globe valves etc.